Stritmatter Kessler Whelan (SKW) offers extensive experience representing those with spinal cord injuries (SCI). For over 35 years, SKW attorneys have succeeded in obtaining excellent results for SCI clients. Please see our SCI services page for more details about our work for SCI clients.

The attorneys at Stritmatter Kessler have wide ranging experience with spinal cord injuries, and understand the complex medical and legal issues that frequently accompany these cases. Our knowledge and reputation in litigating spinal cord injury claims will help you through the long and difficult process of medical and legal recovery.

Representative Cases

  • A policy limits settlement in Nov. 2010 for quadriplegia, resulting form an unsafe construction site. No safety protection or training was given to laborers. The client fell backwards off of a cliff.
  • A settlement in March 2009 for a single engine plane crash caused by failure to maintain a carburetor resulting in spinal cord injuries.
  • A million-million dollar settlement in March 2008 for a spinal cord injury that resulted in the client being left a quadriplegic.  Client dove into Lake Chelan in a city park and hit his head on submerged rocks. No warnings of the danger were posted.
  • A multi-million dollar settlement for spinal injuries suffered from a fall at a construction project resulting in paralyzation from the chest down.


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